Friday, January 16, 2015

Boyce Avenue; a combination of the work hard and the work smart

You guys are familiar with the Boyce Avenue right?
We could simply say that, Boyce Avenue is formed by the Manzano brother’s. I said that, because each member of this group has Manzano as the last name.
My opinion about Boyce Avenue is, this band is always trying to make every single song they present becomes easy to listen, or in music term it also known as easy listening kind f music. A band that formed in Sarasota Florida, a quiet warm place in United State, consisted by 3 guys whom are bound by the sibling’s relationship as I mentioned.
They became famous with their streaming (sometimes live) shows/performance, as you can watch it in youtube or any other streaming service. Well if you idolize Coldplay and ever heard a single titled “Viva la Vida” you may also want to check how this Boyce Avenue perform it using a lot more simple instrument (guitar with some additional instruments) because you know Coldplay perform this song mostly with cello and  violin in original version. Or any other genre or maybe other singer, I also have heard Boyce Avenue performs /covers one of Taylor Swift single, well I don’t know which one, but I am pretty sure that single belongs to Taylor Swift.

One thing I learned from Boyce Avenue, they use, and they even take advantage from the technology (in this case internet) to promote themselves.
So, that is called smart work that combined with the hard work.

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