Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Define : "Om Telolet Om"

I actually am feeling weird writing down this post, but to those who are curious to understand what is the big deal about  "Om Telolet Om"
then I may suggest you guys to pull out your own conclusion to define about such thing out of the following description :

|| "Om Telolet Om", is a short and verbal expression which is instantaneously composed and expressed by the local kids/teenagers, mostly who lives in Sub-urban area, who adore the sound of a certain bus horn that produces some interesting tone to their ears. ||

That is why, everytime they see a bus that is about to pass them by,
they shouted to the driver to blast the horn for their entertainment by saying:

>> Om Telolet Om <<

Also commented by an observer Harun

Yet, this "Telolet " thing has become a viral over the Internet,  since we also can see other response from a sport star as following :

official MM93 twitter

However, I wonder why those kids who wait for the bus to honk (blow the horn) prefer to say, "Om Telolet Om"
instead of saying "honk it up uncle", or "hit the horn please sir" to the driver.

Ok Whatever

watch something related to the topic above in the following link :

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