Sunday, June 5, 2016

Parc ferme Catalan GP : MM 93 and VR's 46, they shook one each others hand.

Or they both shook their hand one each other

So, I guessed You all already know that the GP of Catalunya started around 13.00 to 13.46 PM UK time resulted Rossi as the rider who filled the first position at the finish line followed by MM who performed an epic battle during the race.

breath-taking battle shown by VR and MM

Yes there are several issues regarding to the race that is conducted in Montmello Barcelona. Like it or not Dorna took their privilege to change the layout of circuit after a crash that took Luis 39 's life, and the change was in the very last and critical time (which was less than 72 hours after that frightening yet weird crash) . Couple teams-riders proposed their objection, but Dorna and the circuit management somehow gotta make their move to make sure there will be no longer safety problem faced by the riders only because of their lack of attention to riders safety. A few riders reveals their opinion about the change that is made, of course there always be a few who supported the changes that is made and other come with their objection-complains.

But, well as we watched it, Andrea Iannone again was performing quite aggressive and brought JL 99 out of the race while there still 9 laps to go, so the portion of the attraction which are remains are the battle towards 1 st position and battle for the third performed by Pedrosa and Vinales.

AI brought JL out

Be hold for the battle between VR 46 and MM 93 for the first position :

VR-MM side by side preparing for the right turn

The end of this race as you know it, puts VR 46 on the first podium, MM 93 Second and Pedrosa third, which also implies that the GP world championship standings is taken from JL 99 by MM 93.

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